A remarkable presence in the CES 2020 show

January 9, 2020 | News

A remarkable presence in the CES 2020 show

PACCAR unveils three new models

SAINT-LAURENT (Quebec) – This week takes place the CES in Las Vegas, one of the biggest exhibitions in terms of technological innovation.  PACCAR, which is slowly becoming a leader in autonomous commercial vehicles and alternative powertrains, took advantage of its presence on Tuesday to unveil its three most recent trucks to the public:  a Level 4 autonomous Kenworth T680; a battery-electric Peterbilt Model 520EV; and a battery-electric Kenworth K270E.  These trucks, exposed at the PACCAR booth, are designed for multiple commercial applications:  over-the-road goods transportation, refuse collection and urban distribution.

The T680 model presented this week at CES shows PACCAR’s commitment to invest in the development of a technology which is tending to gain more and more importance in the heavy vehicles world, that of autonomous driving.

Stephan Olsen, PACCAR Innovation Center general manager, noted, ”The PACCAR Innovation Center in Silicon Valley has become a central player in the truck innovation ecosystem.  Peterbilt and Kenworth are the clear trucks of choice among the leading independant autonomous driving technology developers.  We look forward to deepening our productive partnerships with these innovatice companies in the future.”

Regarding Peterbilt’s 520EV Model, it is currently being tested by customers, collecting garbage in the residential and commercial sectors.  PACCAR expects to deliver Model 520EV trucks to customers in 2021.

Kenworth’s electric model meanwhile, would be the ideal truck for local delivery and pickup due to its range options between 100 and 200 miles.  Kenworth expects to deliver K270E trucks to customers in 2020.