Our new preventive measures

May 25, 2020 | News

Our new preventive measures

COVID-19: Our preventive measures


Dear customers and suppliers,

For the past few weeks, there has been a breath of fresh air in the province and some restrictions have been lifted as the good weather sets in. This is not without neglecting the importance of maintaining our precautions, at work or outside.

At Kenworth Montreal, the safety of our customers and employees is a priority, and for the past ten weeks, we have been constantly implemeting new preventive measures to ensure that the risks of spreading the virus are minimized. These measures also ensure that the services rendered to our customers are optimized in order to keep all of our resources in place.

Health prevention

Several measures were mentioned in a previous article, to which were added the following initiatives:

– Installation of distributors of hydroalcoholic solution (disinfectant) at the entrance of our branches. Visitors are therefore called upon to disinfect their hands upon arrival, thus minimizing the risk of spreading the virus by contact;

– Wearing a mask and/or a faceshield for all our employees, thus following public health recommendations;

– Installation of protective screens at service and parts counters, thus minimizing the risks that our advisers, parts clerks or customers are exposed to the virus during contact;

Communication and access control

Some additional measures have also been deployed to better communicate to visitors the protocol to follow for our visitors.

– In addition to the distance symbols highlighted by the yellow ribbon on the floor, near the advisers’ and parts clerk’s counters, we have also added markings on the ground indicating the path to follow for those entering the branch and those coming out;

– Using contactless thermometers, visitors with flu-like symptoms as well as employees who work with the public are now required to have their body temperature checked. If the results are abnormal, they are invited to leave our establishments and contact public health;

– Posters of relevant information are displayed in our branches, informing our visitors of simple measures to take upon arrival.

Alternative solutions for our customers

Some alternative proposals put in place to remedy the needs of our customers, despite the constraining circumstances.

– The Online Parts Counter (OPC): we encourage our customers more than ever to use our online parts counter to limit physical contact during the pandemic and facilitate meeting their needs. For those who are still not members, they simply need to communicate with parts and service representative;

– Temporarily, all our representatives now minimize their visits in person. They are however readily available for any questions or concerns on phone call;

– We have installed a heated and lit outdoor toilet from Sanivac for all our customers. It is located near the entrance door that leads to the advisers’ counter at our Saint-Laurent banch.

We invite you to consult our website at www.kenworthmontreal.ca as well as our Facebook page for any changes in the course of our operations. You can also reach us by phone for any additional questions.