Cummins is doing its part for sustainability!

December 4, 2019 | News

Cummins is doing its part for sustainability!

Cummins is doing its part for sustainability

SAINT-LAURENT (Quebec) – Scientific community is pretty categorical about it: there is no time to lose if we want to counter the adverse effects of climate change. Initiatives must be taken by all of us, including businesses. In this sense, Cummins recently announced its desire to invest in sustainability for years to come.

Cummins is an American company that manufactures engine for heavy vehicles. It’s also the largest supplier of class 8 truck engines in the world, and Kenworth models are no exception! The company’s initiative is part of a general trend among most companies of the sector to invest in eco-friendly technologies. Indeed, Cummins has set some goals for 2030 as well as a longer-term vision for 2050. The priorities on which the company’s sustainability strategy will focus on will be:

  • Addressing climate change and air emissions
  • Using natural resources in the most sustainable way
  • Improving communities

Cummins ensures that these goals focus not only on improvements at its manufacturing facilities but also the products that come out of those facilities. Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger says the company’s product has a large environmental footprint. Therefore, Cummins must find a way to reduce it without affecting its own economic growth.

It is therefore necessary to develop technologies that are as economically viable as ecological. We applaud Cummins’ initiative and hope that the company finds the best solutions as part of its new strategy; everyone will benefit from it!