Choosing the right battery

December 11, 2019 | News

Choosing the right battery


(You are currently reading the first part of an article on batteries. The second part will be published eventually)

Choosing the right battery is essentiel to avoid and unplanned outage of your fleet. Commercial vehicle batteries are not only called upon to start the engine, but also to supply all the electrical components. The risk of choosing a battery that is not suitable for your fleet could have a negative impact, whether it is the lighting in the cabin or a complete breakdown of the system.


These batteries are designed to provide superior performance for heavy duty and extremely heavy duty starting and cycling applications such as HVAC platforms and systems.  AGM batteries will increase the efficiency of your vehicle’s electrical system with faster power output than conventional batteries.

  • Maintenance-free design
  • Overflow and leak proof design
  • Maximum vibration resistance
  • Maximum cycling life for commercial applications

FAHRENHEIT BATTERIES (alternative to AGM during extreme heat)


Protection of the housing under high temperatures thanks to reinforced structural crosspieces.  Heat reduction catalyst providing an appropriate balance between the use of oxygen and the protection of the battery against the effects of electrolyte drying and accelerated aging.


Safety relief valve; high purity demineralized electrolyte; reinforced terminals, bars and welds; optimized full-frame power plates; optimized component compression; improved electrolyte absorption system.


Commercial multi-puprose batteries are specially designed to provide amply sufficient starting power and deep cycling for intermediate and heavy duty cycling applications.

  • Thicker and heavier battery plates provide better corrosion resistance than conventional batteries in addition to providing more power and a longer service life
  • The surface of the battery plates is wrapped in glass fibers for increased strength


Commercial starter batteries are designed to provide heavy duty starting power.

  • Maintenance-free design
  • Deep separation covers protect the battery from internal short circuits

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